Must Farm 2015-16

If you followed the link from the Must Farm diary page these are a few of the Must Farm “Archdiggers” images from the 2015-16 season of excavation, I’ll add a few images in the following days, there are also further images on Facebook and on Flickr – I’m still hoping to get the Archdiggers page re-launched but there are still problems in web design to iron out and a lack of time available.

Archaeologist at Must Farm Yun Chiang
Yun Chiang
Archaeologist at Must Farm Aimee Adams-Johnston
Aimee Adams-Johnston
Archaeologist at Must Farm Daniel Warren
Dan Warren
Archaeologist at Must Farm Tony Baker
Tony Baker
Specialist Must Farm Clara Schonfeld
Clara Schonfeld
Specialist Must Farm Vida Rajkovaca
Vida Rajkovaca

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