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The Archdiggers and Patera Databse segments of this site will be closed for the present whilst I rebuild these parts of the site, this is due to my service provider withdrawing support for ODBC, a current trend due to sercurity problems, I had hoped to have some advance notice of this and be able to plan the update to an XML data based site without downtime. At present the site will be offline until I can restructure these parts - hopefully that will be fairly soon after some late nights and strong coffee.

Dave Webb

OFFLINE - Patera Database Patera Database The web site at present provides a basic database of "patera" (Eggers Typ 154—155) the data is presented as table listed by country with basic details and further details added as individual filecards for each "patera". As the database develops I hope to add images, geographical distribution plots and basic translations of text. At present the data within should be treated with caution as the database is still in development.

OFFLINE - ArchDiggers Gallery.ArchDiggers Gallery A personnel collection of photographs taken of archaeologists.

Bedsitland GalleryA collection of photographs taken in Willesden during the 70's and 80's.

Cape Verde Excavations A home page for the archaeological excavations in Cape Verde, the present web site is only a test bed and may contain errors and non functioning pages


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