Cidade Velha excavations

Impact and Outreach

Excavation on site

Visitors to the site.

The project has a clear and developing impact strategy (see separate impact report). During the fieldwork we focused on training and outreach. Three archaeologists from the IIPC and one local tourist guide were trained on site. This was highly successful, and all four became valued members of the excavation team. In addition, a film of the different stages of an excavation was begun. The aim is to produce a ‘self-help’ visual media for training that can be used by the personnel of the IIPC. This could possibly become a model for video-based training manual for other countries in need of advancing their archaeological practice. In addition a number of important meetings and visits were held. These included several visits from government and local administrations with the highlight being the visit of the President on the 10th of December. The frequent visits by the mayor of Cidade Velha and his communication officer, as well as Jair Fernandes (the IIPC person in charge of the Cidade Velha World Heritage site) allowed us to explain and share our work as it proceeded and provided us with means of communicating to various audiences. There were also several visits from schools (Fig. 7). As part of our impact strategy, a facebook page for the excavation of Cidade Velha has been created by Dave Webb. Velha-excavations-2014/1558747294363111 . A web-site and various films and Youtube video are also being produced by Dave Webb and Lindy Fleming. The aim of these are for general information and to raise knowledge about and interest in the place.

As a result of the meeting with the IIPC, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Higher Education a development plan for the future of the excavation site will be produced with the Cambridge archaeologists acting as consultants. It was also promised that the ministries in the future would assign a historian to work with the Cambridge archaeologists during their fieldwork to enable incorporation of the archaeological results into the national historical account.

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